Friday, April 11, 2014

DJ Schmolli - Rock Of Ages

Sorry for not posting in awhile, had to keep it low profile after nearly getting a copyright cease&desist letter. Anyways, since AC/DC is totally commie and don't have anything on Spotify or Soundcloud, I was going to post their Iron Man 2 Soundtrack (which is exactly what it sounds like), but instead you'll have to settle for this little gem here.

Download is in the soundcloud description.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Walkmen - Heaven

In honor of the end of How I Met Your Mother (which has had some great music along the way of its 9 seasons), this one really stuck with me after the series finale on Monday. It's a great show, and although some people think the final (9th) season may have been lacking, it's a great watch all the way through. Plus 8 of the 9 seasons are on Netflix, and season 9 is on Hulu/ or any other TV streamer you might use (I prefer

Direct download link (click to start download)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Clinton Sparks

Now that spring break is over, I'm trying to post regularly again. We'll see how it goes from now on.

Clinton Sparks is the man, hands down. DJ, producer, artist, just name it - he does it. And it's awesome.

Due to SoundCloud's socialist privacy policies, it is not letting me embed the player for this playlist. However, you can listen to the tracks on SoundCloud here:

Other tracks that have since been removed from SoundCloud that I recommend include:
Red Line (You Got Me Started Again) - Wolfgang Gartner ft. Clinton Sparks
Calling (This is My Life "Calling" Remix) - Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso ft. Clinton Sparks
Perfect Day - Jim Jones ft. Clinton Sparks
Don't Wake Me Up (Clinton Sparks Remix) - Chris Brown

Thursday, March 20, 2014


First, I'd like to apologize to any hip-hop or electro fans that follow me as a DJ or blogger solely for those genres of music. I've been on an alt/indie/punk/rock kick for the last few weeks. I think it's my coping mechanism for dealing with Indiana being so damn cold still and it reminds me of the summer.

Anyways, one of my all time favorite bands is blink-182, not only because they rocked the 90s/2000s punk/grunge era, but because they're kickass in general and they put on a hell of a concert when the reunited (which was also kickass). Although this post doesn't have any DL links (mainly because I'm sitting in a library at MIT while on spring break just to be able to post this), I have a list of a few of my favorite jams as well as their entire collection. Enjoy!

Spotify link to the blink-182 discography

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Green Day - Dookie

Green Day's Dookie album is what most refer to as the defining moment for mainstream punk rock in the 90's  (and by extension, the mainstream punk/psuedo-alternative rock that is prevalent today). Check it out, it was a nostalgia moment when I gave it a listen through for the first time in a long time a few weeks back.

Personal favorites are: Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case,When I Come Around, F.O.D., and All By Myself)

Download link (Click this link, click "Free Download," wait 20 seconds for download to start)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jack Conte / Conte

Sorry for the spotty posting, spent the last 2 days in NYC and I didn't have my laptop with me, and the last post I tried to make from my phone didn't go through. So, today is a "Best Of" for Jack Conte, also known as just Conte. He started out as a youtube indie video/music artist, but recently has sunk a lot of money into kickass electro/rock videos, typically featuring a Novation launch pad (cause we all know those are pretty kickass). This spotify playlist has most of his newer stuff as Conte with a fewer lighter tracks from his old Jack Conte "VideoSongs" days.

Patreon link to download Conte EP (Free download in description)
Unfortunately, the rest of these tracks have to be ripped from YouTube. I recommend, but any add-on or ripper will do.

Also, check out his YouTube channel for more videos and cool stuff like this.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys

Thought that I posted this one from mobile yesterday, but it didn't go through. More hype for spring break in Boston.

Download link (click this link, click "Free Download," wait 20 seconds for the download to start)

Boston - Augustana

In honor of my spring break trip up to Boston (Beantown for St. Paddy's), I present Boston by Augustana. Decent track, it was a free artist of the week download on iTunes a few years back.

DL from SoundCloud w/ browser add-on

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mumford & Sons

Following up on yesterday's post on The Lumineers, today I'm continuing on the folk theme with Mumford & Sons. I was fortunate enough to discover them before the blew up, and it's been a pleasant ride ever since. While a bit more upbeat than The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons has a pretty stunning variety of sounds.

I'm also trying to move towards a single music streaming source, so it will likely be a combo of SoundCloud & Spotify from here on out.

Sign No More (album)

Album download (click this link, click "Free Download," wait 20 seconds for download to start)

Babel (album)

Album download (click this link, click "Free Download," wait 20 seconds for download to start)